Tug Life



13th - 16th June 2017

Over 50 speakers, 12 events, 4 days and countless insights later: we’ve officially come to the end of our pop-up expo, Tug Life III. To everyone who helped make it a massive success – from our incredible speakers to each and every guest – we just wanted to say thank you!

Last week we heard different interpretations of the larger theme that’s defining our society, both as individuals and as brands: ‘Humans v. Machines.’

Day 1 saw a strong starting line-up with speakers from Microsoft, Hey Human, EE, the Future of Talent and more. The over-arching theme was not ‘versus’ but ‘together’: it’s not necessarily about pitting humans against machines, but how the two can influence one another – nicely summed up with a quote from 'We Are Beem' speakers Sylvie Galland & Jonathan Neumann: ‘Digital culture shouldn’t be an imposition, but an invitation.’

Day 2 focused on creativity and how to leverage it effectively with audiences – how do brands avoid becoming overpersonal and borderline annoying? Generally put, it was all about context, building trust and transparency. It was an illuminating day, with IBM Watson, The Guardian, Google, Twitter and YouTube weighing in.

Day 3 was all about putting the customer first as we narrowed in on the retail and finance industry. Bal Bansal from Coca-Cola stated that 'the key elements to bringing the joy back to shopping is focusing on customer experience, customer journey and customer story.' Across the day we heard from McVities, Auto Trader, Blippar, Lloyds Bank, yReciepts, Tesco Bank and more. Our finance session held a prominent theme of mobiles and banking. Sarah Williams-Gardener from Starling Bank explained 'mobiles solve the first world problems of a smartphone generation, and banking needs to stay transparent to build trust with consumers.'

Day 4 turned the magnifying glass to our own industry, marketing, and welcomed a few of our own talent to the stage including Justin Beddow our Head of Paid Media, Eoin O'Neill our Head of SEO and Emily Knox our Head of Social and Content to discuss whether marketing needs humans anymore. The verdict: yes, definitely – thank goodness.

We’ll be back next year for Tug Life IV with another fantastic programme – we look forward to seeing you there.