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Data and Digital Strategy

Audience Profiling

We have access to a best-in-class suite of tools that help our teams generate insights about your customers and create profiles for use across marketing campaigns.


First Party Data Strategy 

We’ll help you navigate the ever evolving landscape of data availability, compliance and technology to plug holes and maximise the effectiveness of your data. 


Cross Channel Planning

We develop a cohesive marketing strategy based on your business objectives, customer journey, audience data and insights and available budget. All channels are seamlessly integrated to reach your audience across multiple digital touchpoints. This adaptive strategy evolves – based on trends, competitor activity or changing business needs. 


Media Mix & Campaign Impact Modelling

We use a combination of signals to generate a running model of marketing effectiveness and ROI. Including click based, platform based and advanced data models.


User Value Analysis

TUG Engagement score provides a true measure of content engagement. TUGCID and advanced offline conversion measurement techniques feed lifetime value reporting. Both allow us to measure and optimise the acquisitions we drive.


Data Operations & Tracking 

We will ensure that you have a reliable and rich source of data to optimise your campaigns that drive business and marketing intelligence. Through highly experienced tag and site analytics management we provide our TUG Single Source product.


Data Visualisation

We are agnostic when it comes to the visualisation solution that works for your business. Our data team is highly experienced in developing dashboards that are fast and reliable. Crucially, these are built on a single source of data truth.


Conversion Optimisation

Although we will drive lots of valuable traffic to your site, the priority is to ensure traffic converts for you. We run scientifically robust CRO programs for our clients that are grounded in data evidence to help drive those incremental, but crucial, performance gains you need.