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Technology Services

Martech stack build/audit – BI to MI

We help our clients realise the full potential of their martech stack including the integration of CRM or Business intelligence with Marketing intelligence data.


Advanced tracking implementation

Our data operations and data engineering team utilise advanced tag management in conjunction with platform solutions, to deliver resolutions for complex tracking scenarios.


Custom martech tool development

Our experienced team of data engineers and developers have developed our existing suite of TUG Tools, but we also support our clients in developing custom solutions tailored to individual needs. 


Cloud infrastructure consultancy

With a wealth of experience in utilising cloud infrastructure specifically to develop our tools, we assist our clients in the important decisions relating to cloud solution selection and interoperability. 


Automation script development

Our data engineers build smart scripts to optimise our marketing activities that provide an edge to campaign performance, but can also support day to day productivity focussed automation.


Database optimisation and development

Within the data engineering team we can enhance and develop most flavours of SQL as well as specific expertise in BigQuery.


AI and predictive analytics development

The combination of data science and engineering comes to the fore with our utilisation of the latest AI technologies and linear regression to provide meaningful predictive analytics.


Machine Learning model development

With machine learning the bedrock of most AI developments, our engineering team can apply supervised and unsupervised machine learning models against a limitless range of applications.