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Tug Webinar: How to unlock Brandformance with next generation attribution.

by Maciej Woyton


What will you learn?

Brand Performance marketing, or ‘Brandformance’, has dominated the news agenda in 2023.

We have teamed up with Sky, Acast and TikTok, to share details and insights into exactly how new attribution models and technologies are now giving brand led campaigns the kind of analytical controls and ROAS data previously reserved for performance marketing.

Specifically we will be covering:

  • Insights from Sky, Acast and TikTok – what is driving cut through, engagement and action on the platform.
  • Exactly what ‘Brandformance’ is, how it has grown in the last 18 months and what it means for marketers.
  • How to make OOH advertising measurable in digital campaign analytics.
  • Specific examples of how you can now measure brand advertising across all channels, (on and offline), and how that compares to traditional analytics from demand campaigns.
  • How Data (combined with new technology and attribution models) can now show clear ROAS from brand advertising across multiple channels, through the funnel to customer conversion.
  • How adding CTV to your mix can pinpoint and engage best fit customers as part of a larger digital/omnichannel campaign.

This would be of most use if you are:

  • A performance marketer keen to test brand advertising but loathe to give up the analytics.
  • A brand marketer keen to understand how to get better metrics and analytics on effectiveness.
  • Any marketer keen to see more clarity on full funnel attribution and analytics.
  • Any marketer keen to understand how to join up on and off-line channels more effectively.
  • Any marketer interested in TikTok and how new technologies are transforming the marketing mix.

Hear from industry experts

Our panellists will be sharing insights and recommendations around maximising efficiency and efficacy around using brand media.

Hannah Thompson – Head of Programmatic & ATL, Tug

Adam Holmes – AdSmart Sales Manager, Sky

Imogen Hudson – Key Account Director, Acast

Roddy Fitzpatrick – Agency Acquisition Manager, TikTok