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Work hard and be nice to people

We harness the dynamism of our people, and blend proficiency with the power of innovative technologies to deliver results.

From our suite of bespoke MarTech Tug Tools to our ways of working, we are always looking for efficiencies that will help you reach your goals faster.

We think working cohesively and collaboratively is best.

That’s why all our office locations connect as a global entity, and it’s something many of our clients identify with and respond to. We believe the relationship value we can offer our clients enriches project outcomes, so we work closely, together – building connections that last.


Diversity and inclusion are always at the forefront of how we do business as an agency, and that starts with our teams.

As a global agency, we believe diversity breeds innovation, helping to generate some of our best ideas and exceptional client work. Our flat structure continues to be an important part of our set up. As the agency grows, we are progressing how we integrate our channel offerings and deliver to clients.

Championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace means bringing together ambitious people from different backgrounds, with different experiences and outlooks. Promoting diversity within our workforce across gender, race, sexuality, age, background and faith, enriches the work we do.

Our dedicated DE&I Group meets once a month, helping us continue to work towards the common goal: to drive great results for our clients.



Meet the team

Alex Gregory

Senior Commercial Manager, London

Gabriella Cohen

Head Of Client Strategy, London

Faye Daffarn

Managing Director, Europe

Alex Pitt

Head of Paid Media, Europe

Neil Goddard

Head of Earned Media, Europe

Eleni Sarri

Data Operations Director, Europe

Roshni Devalia

Finance Director, Europe

Darra Naiman

Managing Director, North America

Aisling McCabe

Head of Paid Media, North America

Vikas Sehrawat

SEO Director, North America

Charlie Bacon

Managing Director, APAC

Tien Tran

Paid Media Director, Sydney

Alex Whalley

SEO Director, APAC

Eoin O’Neill

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Boulton

Chief Financial Officer

Ollie Vaughan

Chief Operations Officer

Nick Beck

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Dodds

Non Exec Director