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Tug Webinar: Future of Search – The impact of AI and ML

by Maciej Woyton


What will you learn?

For this webinar we have teamed up with Google to share insights and examples of what AI and Machine Learning mean for the Future of Search. We will be looking at how new tech innovations are accelerating change from a paid and organic search perspective.

Specifically we will be covering:

  • How Search has evolved and the role AI and ML now play.
  • The Machine learning v Deep learning advantage.
  • Next generation Intent mining and sentiment tracking.
  • Layering Organic and Paid insights to improve performance Conversion tracking post cookie – what is working now.
  • Live Causal impact – how to connect disconnected datasets for better, live insights.

Hear from industry experts

Our panellists will be sharing insights and commercial examples of how AI and ML are impacting Search marketing today and will continue to do so in the future.

Monet Blake – Senior SEO Account Director, Tug

Ian Kahn – Paid Media Director, Tug

Kelsey Bowers – Strategic Agency Manager, Google