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Technology binds everything we do

Our suite of martech tools

Our suite of martech tools originate from two very specific needs: to service real client challenges, and to support and innovate Tug’s internal initiatives. The big tech players want to keep your brand and data tethered to their platforms and in their walled gardens. This means there’s no incentive for the major platforms and publishers to create tools that do what you need them to.



Tug Tools

Intent Mining

Make sure your content is understood by AI correctly, in the same way Metadata used to help.

Entity & Sentiment Monitoring

Makes sure your organisation and products are understood correctly by AI in the same way Schema used to, whilst ensuring the sentiment of your content is understood by AI in the same way you expect.

Lift Analytics

Measuring the true success of awareness activity isn’t easy. Lift Analytics tracks multiple unique data signals to evaluate the hidden impact of brand awareness on your marketing campaigns.

Search Uncut

Saves you spending money on PPC traffic that could be achieved organically whilst allowing you to know how to reinvest PPC spend in areas that are struggling organically. It also allows you to run PPC and SEO as a combined channel and a combined CPA where Organic is too competitive and there's opportunity to bid on PPC.

Tug Engagement Score

A single engagement metric instead of too many to decipher, and provides you with a consistent and actionable view of engagement to drive performance. TES Delivers prioritisation and benchmarking to inform your content and acquisition strategy.

Real Impact

Since end to end attribution is effectively dead, this provides the best view of individual marketing campaign impact. A statistically robust impact score of one set of data against another that can be used in place of attribution.


Links awareness activity to how this drives eventual sales, ties together multiple sources of marketing data in a single view of sales, and reduces the reliance on Cookies for tracking.

Landing Page Monitor

Prevents wasted spend on issues that arise on your website as well as growing issues with your site that could impact Organic Search Visibility. It also keeps a record of changes to the critical site content so you know what it used to be.

Single Source

Ties together multiple marketing platform data in a single view of performance and helps align all your marketing activity to your business logic (naming, structure, views). SS also allows you to seamlessly integrate your business data into your marketing data and visa versa.