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Tech Tip Tuesday: How do I target different international countries? How can I utilise Href Lang?

by JonJon Yeung | 11.06.2013
All Aboard! Tech Tip Tuesday, Captain JonJon highlighting once again about technical SEO issues & FAQ’s we come across with you…

“How do I target different international countries? How can I utilise Href Lang?”

Previously we talked about utilising local search, this week we will be talking about the benefits of “Href Lang”.

Rel=”alternative” and Href Lang deciphered…

Here at Tug, we “Pull Traffic” and working with international brands we sometimes have clients asking for a solution in providing targeted pages for specific countries, such as a promotion for a certain targeted country destination, “not a problem” as we can resolve this through a method known as using the Rel=”alternative” and Href Lang attributes.

This notifies search engine robots that these two similar pages are not duplicated content but targeted content and both being just as essential to each other. The difference may only be a change of pricing, or even a change of a native language for the defined locations, but it is very important that this is taken into consideration that these attributes will need to be defined to the search engine robots.

Href lang are most commonly used when:

  • You have similar content across your pages but have specific promotions and pricings to a location.
  • The page has the same content but is a translated version.

To implement them into your pages you would simply use this code…

Ahoy fellow passengers! Follow us & stay tuned next week for more information on alternative methods… and every Tuesday for more technical issues reviewed by Tug.

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