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Tech Tip Tuesday: How do I rank and be listed for local search and what are the benefits?

by JonJon Yeung | 28.05.2013
All Aboard! Tech Tip Tuesday, Captain JonJon highlighting once again about technical SEO issues & FAQ’s we come across with you…

“How do I rank and be listed for local search and what are the benefits?”

Previously we talked about redirections, this week we will be talking about utilising local search.

Benefits of local search and why I would want to be listed…

Local search results are beneficial towards your business because you can take advantage of attracting potential customers towards your business. This is useful for physical retail businesses to target the area surrounding the business. Local search listings are on the upper hand opportunity of outranking non-local search result businesses and even business competitors.

There are a number of requirements and factors in order to hop on the local search bandwagon.

  • Optimisation of your business website
  • Your geographic Google places listing
  • Backlinks
  • Citations

To be listed, you must setup a Google+ Local page for your business. You should also list your business in a local business directory such as yelp. Another way is to get more customer reviews.

Being listed for local search will gain you more traffic as well as leads. Not only will you outrank traditional search listing competitors but you will also be deemed more relevant as a local business. Don’t underestimate the affect of appearing on local search, it will gain you much more crucial leads.


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