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Tech Tip Tuesday: Where do I place my Google Analytic’s Code?

by JonJon Yeung | 25.06.2013
All Aboard! Tech Tip Tuesday, Captain JonJon highlighting once again about technical SEO issues & FAQ’s we come across with you…

“Where do I place my Google Analytic’s Code?”

 Previously we talked about utilising Href Lang, this week we will be talking about the effects of the placement of your “Google Analytic’s” code.

 “Understanding the best spot for implementing your Google Analytics code…”



Google Analytics works through a piece of coding which is run on JavaScript. This small snippet attached to your websites header section connects with Google, the provider of your sites valuable data. Without this tag on each and every page of your site, your data will obviously be inaccurate as not everything is tracked. There are also a number of browsers which have java disabled that will also have an effect on your data.

–          A quick fix is to use Screaming Frog tool to search all your pages for any pages that are missing the code


Another possibility is the location of your tracking code which can greatly affect your Analytics data. A vast majority of web developers like to place the analytics tracking code above the </body> tag so that images are loaded before the code is executed. Theoretically the page load time will decrease.

If Google analytics tracking code is placed at the end of the <body> tag, there would be a possibility of not tracking visitors that quickly click through pages before the code is executed.

–          A recommended placement of analytics code would be at the top before the </head> tag.





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