Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

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The Paid Search landscape is constantly evolving. Our PPC experts keep ahead of the curve by investing time to identify, understand and leverage industry changes, using data-driven insights to drive the most efficient results from our clients Pay Per Click platforms.

A philosophy of continuous improvement and a detailed approach to testing and optimisation has always been at the core of our PPC services. This leads to the creation and continuation of highly profitable campaigns that drive measurable results for our clients.

We’ve been running Paid Search campaigns with the world’s leading brands since 2006. From eCommerce and Finance to B2B and SaaS, our experienced PPC teams in London, Sydney, Toronto and Berlin ensure we’re well placed to offer both local and global expertise.

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Best Practice Set-up

We begin every new campaign with an audit, to fully understand the account. We perform rigorous keyword research and competitor reviews and implement a variety of testing plans, to ensure every account is set up for success from day one.

PPC Account Management

Tug’s Paid Search team have decades of experience managing PPC accounts. From hyper-local to global paid search campaigns, we’ll manage and run your paid search smoothly and efficiently.

Paid Search Optimisation

Our analysts refine campaign bid strategies by analysing data and trends in real-time. We work to maximise performance across a range of variables. By optimising device, location, audience and time of day, paid search campaigns achieve better results with the same investment.

Scripting and Automation

Through script creation and implementation, our Paid Search team can automate aspects of Google Ads accounts, which allows them to focus their efforts on other areas like analysis, strategy and innovation.

Why Is PPC So Effective?

PPC is an intent-led channel. When running a Paid Search campaign, you know the user’s exact intention by their search terms and can even identify what action they are ready to take, whether they want to register, compare or purchase.

You can utilise PPC as a channel in silo, or as part of a cross-channel campaign; either way, your customers will still follow up with a search once made aware of your product in another channel. If you’re not there, your competitors will be.

Why Choose Tug To Manage Your PPC?

As an award-winning Digital Performance Agency, Tug has extensive experience getting the most out of Paid Search.

Running standalone PPC campaigns, or utilising Paid Search as part of a wider, cross-channel campaign, our vast expertise and methodical approach will always achieve the best performance for your business and share valuable results and insights for you and your team. We’re always optimising.

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