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Display Advertising Services




10 years of experience with Data and Creative-led programmatic media buying that drives results globally. 

Tug delivers market-leading programmatic buying powered by smart combinations of data, content, media and tech to drive results for our clients through the funnel. Through combinations of creative and advanced audience targeting we generate personalisation at scale and future proof your performance against the changing technology landscape. 



Using traditional planning skills (such as audience profiling) combined with advanced audience targeting using 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data allows us to reach your known audience as well as find new customers to achieve results for your campaigns.



We prioritise our relationships with all major media owners and sellers which gives us access to innovative formats and targeting options as well as generating efficiencies across your budget. We’re also experts at using programmatic buying methods to buy addressable content such as TV, OOH and Audio. 



Test-and-learn approach to creative using DCO combined with our internal design team to to personalise at scale and deliver engaging and effective content to power our campaigns. We’ll help you design the optimal mix between banner and video to achieve your campaign goals and generate cost-efficiency with your creative budget. 



A top-tier DSP stack (including DV360, Adform and Amazon) to deliver integrated campaigns across all programmatic formats and access enhanced data and premium inventory. 


Brand Relevance 

We know how important your brand relevance is to the performance of campaigns, and our programmatic campaigns integrate seamlessly with higher funnel media. 

We focus on stringent brand safety measures, sensible approaches to frequency and contextual and behavioural relevance in our placements to make sure that customers know you’re a brand they can trust. 



We are at the forefront of the future of programmatic, focusing on cookieless media planning and buying, enhanced reporting techniques such as MMM and the use of AI and ML for automation to power campaigns.