Paid Search

Paid search at scale and at speed since 2006

We’ve always believed that continual testing is at the heart of effective paid search management. Google tells us we run more beta tests than other agencies. The secret lies in the proactivity of our paid search analysts.
It’s their analytical and creative brains combined with our state of the art tools and technology that gets a competitive advantage for our clients. Local or international, our team has the experience to drive profitable conversions, while always improving metrics to ensure campaign growth.
We have a strong culture of sharing a wide range of data and insights across the agency that helps us continually improve campaigns. Daily analysis, bid management and ad testing keeps our analysts close to the details. Which in the end always drives better results.

Our team of analysts ensure that every campaign undergoes a best practice set-up to enable the optimal campaign performance. From rigorous keyword research and ad copy creation and refinement, our analysts ensure that your account is set-up for success from day one.

On a daily basis our analysts refine campaign bid strategies by analysing data and trends in real-time. Always looking for opportunities to extend performanace across multiple variables including device, location, audience and time of day. Performance media is in our DNA coupled with experience across a wide range of competitive sectors and verticals optimising to demanding ROI targets whilst maintaining volume increments.

Our expertise in search re-marketing ensures users are not lost from the marketing funnel after their first visit to your website. Our analysts create ‘audiences’ based on how users interact with your site and build lookalike audiences to drive further performance efficiencies.