Dynamic Creative

Personalised, targeted creative that drives performance

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing. Dynamic creative adapts to target individuals based on a multitude of factors, to connect with consumers on a deeper level.


With dynamic creative we apply focused targeting to different demographics, enabling us to connect and engage with a wide range of consumers. At Tug we’re adept at personalising creative by age, location, interests and many more factors, so every target audience is delivered the right creative to maximise performance and results for our clients.

Performance Driven

Drive traffic through prospecting and retargeting with dynamic creative ads. Engage consumers with your brand through sequential storytelling. By tracking and monitoring every piece of dynamic creative we put live, we’re able to adapt in real-time to get the most out of every campaign.

Multi-Variant Testing

We produce, run and track multiple variants for dynamic creative, analysing and adjusting to drive results across channels for our clients.

Measuring Success

Our transparent approach to reporting ensures that our clients understand the successes and difficulties encountered in each campaign, and that our team can learn from them to improve and build on future campaigns.

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