Affiliate Marketing

Collaborating with third party publishers to deliver first class results

Affiliate marketing is often an undervalued practice in the digital marketing landscape, but it’s one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods of growing your business at scale. Driving traffic and awareness, and only paying upon conversion, working with affiliate partners can be a great way to drive the right results for your business, with no wasted cost.


Finding relevant affiliate partners is the cornerstone to reaching your target audience, and in turn driving effective results. We collaborate with a range of third parties from cashback to content sites, to build a network of publishers that’s right for your business.


Growing personal relationships is key to getting the best out of your affiliate partners. Tug’s affiliate marketing team have years of experience in developing strong publisher relationships. We’ll manage these relationships for you to ensure that your campaigns run seamlessly.


Each publisher has a different way of reaching their audience. We work closely with our partners to devise promotional strategies that work for them, whilst ensuring that all activity maintains a focus on achieving your business goals.


When dealing with a wide array of publishers, it’s important to make sure that all messaging fits within your brand guidelines. With differing audiences and promotional strategies, the content pushed out by affiliate partners is not a one-size-fits-all model, therefore we encourage collaboration to ensure that each affiliate has the creative resource that works for them, and for you.

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