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Comment: IPA Bellwether ad industry report 2022

by Hannah Thompson | 14.04.2022

The latest IPA Bellwether Report shows a clear return to growth for the marketing and advertising industry.

Although hugely welcome after two very tough years for many, it certainly doesn’t mean plain sailing ahead for the marketing industry, with lingering issues around the pandemic, geopolitical tensions such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the return to global economics of a rather ugly phenomenon – inflation.

So we’ve been asking the great and the good from the adtech world for their take on the latest IPA Bellwether and what it means for an industry that’s only just on the up again…

Adtech industry on the ipa bellwether 2022 report - Image by Ronald Carreño from Pixabay

Hannah Thompson, Group Media Director, Tug

“As ad spend for audio continues to decline, it’s clear there is a disconnect somewhere. 

“Consumers are tuning in to podcasts in their millions, simulating friendship with their favourite influencers or celebrities as they seek an antidote to zoom fatigue. 

“Yet, despite the huge opportunity this presents brands with reaching audiences, ad spend just isn’t matching up to consumer enthusiasm for the medium. 

“Challenges around measurement might come into play here, with some advertisers finding the fragmented nature of audio environments daunting. 

“But I’d suggest audio is worth the trouble of getting to grips with voucher codes, post-campaign brand lift studies, and machine learning tech to track performance. After all, research shows that podcast advertising commands the highest levels of attention.”