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Benefits Of A Full Service Digital Agency

by Selin Blanco | 04.06.2021

Ever wondered what it would be like to work with a full service digital agency? There are many benefits of hiring a full-service digital marketing agency instead of solely using an in-house team, freelancers or having separate agencies to individually manage the SEO, the PPC, or the digital creative. It’s therefore important to understand what a business can gain from deciding to work with an agency that covers everything under the same roof. A full service digital agency can run a business’ digital marketing campaign and maximise their efficiencies, as well as support an in-house team – how a company decides to work with the agency is completely up to them, but what is certain are the benefits that a business can gain! 

1. Better Understanding Of Brand Values

The main benefit of working with a full service digital agency is that there is a consistent understanding of the brand’s values across every single service. The agency has a universal understanding for what a brand stands for, which means that the same perceptions and views are conveyed through all the digital marketing channels. 

When using multiple agencies or freelancers, there can quite often be gaps or conflicting ideas across a businesses’ digital marketing, meaning that the brand message won’t be portrayed consistently across all channels and that the business won’t achieve the best results for their spend. As a result, using a full service digital agency will require a lot less management, communication and time but will still achieve better results.

2. High Level Of Industry Knowledge

A full service digital agency will also have combined levels of industry knowledge and expertise, meaning that businesses’ marketing campaigns will be created and led by the right people who have industry experience to match the business. Their experience in different sectors will ensure that they can cover an array of scenarios and will be able to share their knowledge on what works and doesn’t work, specifically tailored to the business, as well as having the ability to create a link between social channels.

3. Cost Effective

Using a full service digital agency is proven to be more cost effective than hiring in-house, which is a good opportunity for smaller companies to properly develop their digital marketing strategy as well as be able to afford professional services. Due to training, facilities and staff benefits, an in-house team can consume a marketing budget, whereas a full service digital agency ensures that the marketing budget is used wisely and strategically. Here at Tug, we normally move budget and effort seamlessly across channels to get the best results for our clients, which is a huge benefit of using a full service digital agency.

4. Scalability

A full service digital agency is able to scale their efforts up or down to work towards both a company’s short term and long term goals. As a business grows, a company’s goals can change also and a full service digital marketing agency can adapt quickly to follow the direction of a company. If a company experiences rapid growth, a full service agency is also able to support an in-house marketing team, making it a quicker and more cost-effective process than having to employ new staff. A full-service agency is also flexible and they’ll be able to put forward the right skills, people, resources and experience depending on the company’s growth and direction. 

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