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Google’s ‘Super Bowl’ Idea

by Naomi Young | 22.01.2016
One of the biggest events in a Brands calendar, the Super Bowl, is fast approaching. It’s the perfect opportunity for Brands to react with real-time creatives, with Twitter being the predominant platform for this.

This year, for Super Bowl 50, Google are going to be joining Twitter in a competition for advertising dominance with the launch of a new ad format. Real-time ads will allow advertisers to react during relevant TV moments with video ads across YouTube and GDN. It’ll be widely rolled out later on in the year, but moments like the Super Bowl allow for the perfect opportunity to shout about the feature.

Although the creative must be pre-planned and uploaded beforehand, the content can be pushed out in real time. This element of pre-planning can’t be achieved with Twitter. Google will also have advantage over Twitter because of its power as a platform – the reach and scale that can be achieved in video and display is much greater.

It’ll be interesting to see how Brands use this development. The website-development company Wix is one of the first marketers to sign up and use the service, so we look forward to see how their campaign unfolds on February 7th!wsthrjtgukhlj;k