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New Google Maps service unveiled

by James Jarrett | 16.05.2013
Yesterday Google unveiled a new version of its Google Map service which has been “rebuilt from the ground up”. The aim of the new design is to personalize the product and show labels that best match the interest of the user.

It also has cool new features more related to PPC in particular – these are new icons, which overlay the map, highlighting businesses who run ads and promotions.

At the moment the only way to differentiate a PPC campaign on Google Maps is the blue pin at the side of the screen, which was not clear to most users. However, now the name of the business will actually show on the map itself with a couple of words from the ad copy in a box superimposed over the location. Also, if there are any special offers to promote, a blue shopping bag icon will appear next to the name.

Google Map PPC Image

Check out the local ads feature added in Google Map App recently.