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The Complete Dave Infographic

by David Bell | 05.04.2013
Hi everyone, I’m David Bell, SEO Account Executive at Tug – the latest recruit to join the rapidly expanding Tug team.

As you may have already noticed, there is a fair share of ‘Daves’ or ‘Davids’ occupying the Tug Blog – five in total now including myself. My new friends and colleagues at Tug were quick to figure out that over 16% of the entire company go by the name Dave, but I’m guessing they were just relieved that they didn’t have to learn another name.

This got me thinking. Why the name ‘David’, to what extent does this given name engage the web and yes, most importantly; how do I kick-start my Tug blogging with something charming to impress my new employers?

So allow me to present to you: The Complete Dave Infographic. Share it with your friends named Dave, or share it with your friends who aren’t named Dave – they’ll love it too. Feel free to post this Inforgraphic on your web page by coping the embed code below and together let’s celebrate the glorious, biblical and admittedly common name that is ‘David’… AKA ‘Dave’.

Your mate Dave.

The Complete Dave Infographic

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Infographic about the name Dave