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SEOQuake, The SEO Toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer

by Tug Agency | 22.09.2010
Although I’ve been using other SEO browser tools for a while now, SEOquake came to my attention for its immense possibilities of configuration and the fact that with just a glance, you can see pretty much everything about a domain without leaving the site you are visiting.

Some of the info you’ll be able to see on your toolbar:

* PR – PageRank
* Links on Google
* Links on Yahoo
* Links on Yahoo Directory (the. COM)
* indexed pages in Google
* indexed pages in Yahoo
* indexed pages in Bing
* Domain Age
* Alexa Ranking
* Source Code
* Domain Whois
* Inbound Links
* Outboundlinks
* keyword density

The novelty here is that is available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Install SEOQuake in at least one of your browsers and ‘spying’ on your competition will get a lot easier.

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