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Mozilla, Explorer, Chrome or Safari?

by Tug Agency | 07.10.2008
Google ChromeWith a fairly ample range of web browsers in the market, selecting the ‘by-default’ one turns out to be a nightmare; so here at Tug –search engine marketing, we have decided to list some pros and cons of the most important browsers. To bear in mind is the fact that Mozilla, Explorer and Chrome were tested on Windows, while only Safari and Mozilla were in Mac. IE and Chrome are beta versions and Chrome and Firefox are based on the Safari technology.

The fastest and lightest. When running on Microsoft Windows, undeniably Google’s Chrome is unbeatable; loading any page takes almost a third of the time than in IE 8 –which apparently uses more memory than the operating system itself- and almost half the time than in Firefox 3. On Mac, Safari is definitely faster but Google has not released the Mac version yet!

The most appealing. Google’s Chrome looks simpler than the rest and I like that; however I should point out that I have overloaded Explorer and Mozilla with toolbars and SEO add-ons and they now look quite messy, which may also affect the browsers’ overall performances.

The most productive oriented. I would definitely stick to Mozilla as it has a rich list of add-ons and resources which are easily manageable, and apart from this, they work in both Windows and Mac! It is expected that most of these tools would be soon available for Chrome though.

From a developer perspective, having so many alternatives is a pain as one needs to test the pages on different platforms and browsers and incompatibilities always come up.

In the end, going for one or the other is just a matter of taste and any improvements on one or the other would soon implemented by the rest so the most beneficiated are final users!