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Keyboard Shortcuts on the New Adwords Interface

by David Brooks | 17.04.2009
With the new Google interface, it is possible to use Keyboard shortcuts for certain tasks in Google Adwords. The following were recently listed on the Google Adwords Blog:

Global navigation
g then o: Go to All Online Campaigns
g then c: Go to Campaigns tab
g then r: Go to Ad groups tab
g then k: Go to Keywords tab
g then n: Go to Networks tab
g then a: Go to Ads tab
g then s: Go to Settings tab

Table navigation and actions
j/k: Next/previous row in the primary data table
x: Select current row (Use Shift + x for multiple rows)
e: Edit
p: Pause
n: Enable
d: Delete
l: Download

Editing ad groups and keywords:
e: Edit selected rows
Ctrl + Arrows: Move between editable fields
Ctrl + s: Save changes
Esc: Cancel edit mode



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