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For the AdWords geeks

by Tug Agency | 12.10.2017
You may not have heard it through all the fake news, but rejoice, for this week the new AdWords interface is now available to all advertisers!

They say a good worker never blames his tools. Although undeniably, with better tools you can do a better job.

So is the new AdWords a better tool for marketers?

The theory is that things get done faster with the new ‘experience’.

Pages load 20% faster, so marketers will now spend 20% less time anxiously waiting for data to appear on screen.

Data based marketing is all about digging up the right information and using that to improve performance. So indeed, the faster you can get to the information you need, the more you can do.

I’m not sure how 20% faster is supposed to feel, but I welcome any time I don’t spend waiting for a web page to load.

The new interface also promises to make navigating through accounts easier, with pane based account navigation, as opposed to drop down menus and tabs.

But is pane navigation a pain?

Putting options in the form of a list allows for more options to be displayed. So the various account elements and insights are more easily accessible than before. However you may not need, or want to see the options you rarely use cluttering the screen all the time.

So the new interface is a technical upgrade from the previous one. But is it pretty?

While the old interface was on a white background, the new one is in about 5 shades of grey.

This makes the interface look more like an application than a web page. I personally welcome this, as it does look more organized.

And what about my old habits? The main hurdle for the new interface is that marketers have been used to the old faithful interface for years, and will now have to get used to new ways. As with most things new, the first thing you notice is what is no longer there. Some preferences do not get transferred over, such as saved columns. It will take time for marketers to get used to the new interface, and get rid of old habits.

So there you have it, the new AdWords interface promises to be better, faster, prettier. We’ll see if it delivers on these promises in the coming months as marketers voice their opinions. I still find myself switching back to the old interface frequently, possibly out of nostalgia, but the new interface is a welcome upgrade to AdWords.



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