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130 Spadina Avenue, Suite 305
M5V 2L4

Innovative digital media agency at the heart of Downtown Toronto. Our forward thinking and creative approach has driven great results for our clients. 


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Our office is located in Downtown Toronto at the corner of Camden Street and Spadina Avenue, right in the middle of the city’s old garment district. In the 1920s, this was the hub for fashion and textile production. Although most of these fabric shops are gone, the area pays tribute to its roots through artistic representation and preservation.

A giant thimble bordered by a yellow tape measure sits at the corner of Spadina and Richmond. Dotted around the statue are button-shaped benches inscribed with: ‘a reflection on the contributions of the workers and on the presence of touch in the making of garments…’  In fact, if you pay us a visit, you’ll see our front door still proudly displays ‘FASHION BUILDING’ right above the frame – another testament to the area’s history.

Just down the street is Toronto’s thriving Chinatown, one of the largest Chinatowns in North America. Originally located around Elizabeth Street, which used to run into Queen Street, the community relocated to Spadina Avenue in 1940 after the City of Toronto expropriated the area to build Toronto City Hall.  We consider ourselves lucky to be situated near so much culture – and delicious food!

Tug began in the basement of VICE magazine in 2006. Founded by Nick Beck, Tug remains true to its original belief that search marketing combines the best of media and creative. Today, we’ve grown into a force of over 75 digital media professionals, spread across London, Toronto and Sydney.

Tug was founded by Nick Beck in 2006 as a team of two in the basement of VICE magazine in London. As the agency grew, we wanted to expand into the North American market and Tug Canada opened its doors in April 2013. We are now an agency of over 75 digital marketing professionals across London, Toronto and Sydney.

We are a dedicated team of 15 digital media professionals, offering search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising services and social media marketing. We strongly believe in Nick’s original vision: that search marketing combines the best of media and creative, and we use this approach to drive substantial results online for our many clients. Click here to read our case studies.