Data & Analytics

We believe that human ingenuity always adds an edge to technology

Data driven insights lie at the heart of our work and our results. Our data team combines data signals from different channels and sources to surface competitive insights into the people we’re trying to reach and influence.

Technology agnostic, we use the latest in cutting edge tools, but are always ready to get our hands dirty with client data sets and legacy systems. We mine and deploy client data to create competitive advantage, and improve website consumer journeys through conversion rate optimisation.

Our data team sits with strategy and media planning allowing the agency to creatively target audiences, using insights to move budgets and efforts seamlessly across multiple channels. With a clear view of media and content attribution, our analysts can drive significantly better results.

Data is at the heart of everything we do, and our real-time reporting dashboard makes this as seamless as possible for both clients and teams.

Our tool, blends various data sources together in one visualization platform. Enabling us to spend less time processing data and more time finding valuable  insights.

Our data and insight team are experts in analysing integrated campaign data (via our AdServer) and then working with the channel teams and media planners to optimise campaigns to follow the most effective channel combinations. Effectively this ensures that that client budgets are spent on the most effective channels and not spent in less effective areas, ultimately providing clients with more efficient and effective campaign performance.

Working with our paid media & SEO team, we work to improve clients’ website conversion rates. This is achieved by first analysing a website’s performance in the form of analytics & user journey analysis. After analysis, Tug will propose and implement tests to increase conversion rate (in the form of either A/B tests or multi variate tests). This is a continual process which improves the both the long and short term performance of a website.

By integrating client data into our campaign reporting, we can offer more advanced reporting which gets to the core of the clients’ objectives. Although this data isn’t always compatible when we first on-board a new client, we will work with them to integrate their data into a workable platform. This data can then be integrated into our PPC reporting, CRM reporting, Dashboarding and more.