Round 1. Twitter Vs Weibo!

16 August 2012
JonJon Yeung

JonJon Yeung

Picture of Weibo and Twitter

…In the Blue Ring we have ‘Twitter‘… And in the Red Ring we have ‘Weibo‘!

Weibo is a Chinese social media platform, seen as a combination of our two important friends “Facebook” and “Twitter”. I call it the “TwitBook”!

With no limit on 140 characters – it is certainly the hottest social service in China now. With continous growth and even expansion to Hong Kong and Taiwan feeling the heat too.

Weibo definitely has a huge appetite, consuming 90% of China’s microblogging market share! Gaining 140 million+ users in the space of 2 years, while Twitter gained only 200 million+ users in 5 years.

Currently with over 300 million+ users and 500 million+ users for Twitter, Weibo is certainly stepping up to its rival..


It’s New! It’s Hot! and it’s becoming Bigger, Bolder and Stronger!

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