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Blackberry Announce New iPad Tablet Competitor – The Playbook!

By: David Brooks

By David Brooks

RIM have announced their new tablet competitor to the iPad, the Playbook. The Playbook is a new 7″ tablet with a new operating system known as QNX which RIM recently acquired, it will offer full OpenGL and Flash support along with important web standards such as HTML 5. Specifications wise, its very impressive – including a Cortex A9 Based Duel Core 1GHz CPU, 1gb of RAM, twin HD cameras (front facing 3meg, back facing 5meg) and more. There will be a 16gb and a 32 GB model at launch. Ports wise, it will have the all important HDMI connector, micro USB, WiFi and 2.1 Bluetooth. Looking at the interface, it seems to be a mash up of Palm’s webOS (with multi tasking cards) and Blackberrys traditional mobile operating system. There are no solid launch dates yet, all RIM have said is “early 2011”. We’ll keep you updated! Check out a preview video of the new tablet below or read more on the new tablet at Engadget:

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