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Data Over Gut Feeling – TikTok’s new ‘Search Insight’ feature

By Reem Shukla

Becoming an influencer just got a whole lot easier with TikTok’s recent launch of the ‘Creator Search Insight’ tool. This update has now enabled content creators and marketers to produce content based on data, instead of gut feeling.


What Exactly is the Creator Search Insight Tool?

With the potential to boost your visibility and reach on TikTok, Creator Search Insight provides valuable data on what’s trending. It showcases the best-ranking videos to help creators better understand what topics users are searching for, and use this to tailor their content strategy to their interests. 

You can now search for the term ‘Creator Search Insight’ – which will soon be added directly to the settings. Then, select the ‘view’ option where you’ll be able to see trending topics related to the types of content you create, as well as general content trending across the platform. 

You can also search for keywords related to your product or brand to see what’s trending around it. TikTok’s goal with this novel update is to empower creators to produce content that is relevant to the search query, helping to boost their position on the platform while keeping simplicity at the forefront.


Why Should You Care?

In-demand content created with the help of the Creator Search Insight tool will play an important role in the Creator Rewards Program. The Creator Rewards Program was introduced by TikTok in February 2023 and is designed to help creators leverage their creativity to generate more revenue by posting original, higher-quality videos. 

This means that content related to in-demand search topics will increase the creators’ content search value. By doing so, creators and brands can potentially get higher cash incentives based on the number of qualified views as part of the programme.


How Can it Help?

The data provided by this new update can be used in several ways, including: 

  • To understand general trends: With the help of the Creator Search Insights tool, content creators and marketers can now easily identify general areas of interest that are popular at the time.
  • To target your audience better: The ‘for you’ option of this new tool helps identify popular content that’s specific to a content creator’s audience, enabling them to target their audience more accurately while being able to create bespoke and engaging video content.
  • To find content sweet spots: Finding the gap between high demand and low supply is the ‘sweet spot’ to look for. To find a topic that has a lot of searches but not a lot of videos is great for marketers and content creators wanting to leverage content topics for greater engagement.

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