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A Recap on Tug’s Latest Visit to BrightonSEO

by Jo Melvin | 18.09.2023

Last week, the Tug UK team went down to BrightonSEO’s latest event. The day was packed with informative talks on exciting ideas surrounding the world of SEO – including one from our very own SEO Account Manager Ryan Hassel. 

Titled ‘From Page to Profit: Mastering SEO Indexation for E-Commerce Success’, Ryan offered up valuable insights during his talk. He not only explored the benefits efficient indexation could bring, but also presented top tips on how to execute this successfully. 

Image source: ‘From Page to Profit: Mastering SEO Indexation for E-commerce Sites’ by Ryan Hassel, BrightonSEO, September 2023

Efficient indexation of e-commerce sites could lead to better user experiences as well as greater organic traffic, site authority, ROI, and much more. Ryan detailed an array of top tips on how to index these sites successfully. This included advice on creating optimised internal linking strategies, concise sitemaps and actively removing duplicated content. Ryan also explained how you should avoid creating too many pages (which could impact crawl budget), incorrectly tagging product pages and ignoring slow loading page times. 

Mastering SEO indexation wasn’t the only topic covered at the conference. Our team attended a range of talks on thought-provoking topics like how to curate viral TikTok videos, monitor your SEO sustainability, draft award-winning PR campaigns and create content that stands out from the competition. Talks also covered topics like website re-platforming and the benefits of having a multilingual website – essential for improving SEO performance and accessibility. 

Ryan’s bright and energetic presence on stage perfectly matched the sunny weather, which we all managed to take full advantage of, having fish and chips for lunch on the beach!

BrightonSEO is always a fantastic event for the Tug team to attend, and one we love getting involved in. If you’d like to know more about our SEO strategies and services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch