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Tug works with Spendesk to Launch ‘Super Satisfying’ Creative Campaign – Putting People Before Product

by Hannah Thompson | 23.05.2022

Spendesk, the 7-in-1 spend management solution for small and medium-sized businesses, is bucking fintech marketing trends with the launch of a new creative campaign that focuses on the feeling Spendesk delivers over the features it provides. In Spendesk’s first-ever multi-market brand campaign, the European startup is putting people and play front and centre to reinforce not only its service differentiation but its people-first company identity.

“Our customers have always been the centre of our brand identity. Our platform has evolved, our business has expanded but our core mission to set the standards on trust, transparency and freedom at work is our forever core,” says Spendesk’s VP of Marketing, Stephanie Bowker.

“Spendesk’s brief is such an exciting one for us given that they are so invested in making sure the creative is different to any other fintech brand you see nowadays,” says Hannah Thompson, Group Media Director at Tug. “Our focus is on intra-city travel hubs with a combination of high-frequency and high-impact placements to catch our target audience on their commute and as they move around the city meeting clients.”