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How will Gen Z transform the workplace?

by Eilish Hughes | 21.02.2022

Gen Z will change plenty – but what will be their impact on the workforce? / Callum Shaw via Unsplash


Gen Z already make up over 20% of the world’s population; they’ll be more than a quarter of the workforce in three years’ time (and generation alpha are hot on their heels). They bring with them native knowledge of digital and social, developed understandings of community and identity, and deep ethical commitments. How is their growing presence in the office (hybrid or otherwise) changing our workforce and its outputs? We asked The Drum Network – including some real-life gen Z-ers.

Eilish Hughes, SEO account director, Tug

While millennials were the last generation to suffer dial-up internet, gen Z grew up connected to great wifi and better gadgets. They accept tech, innovation and automation as a fact of life. They’re an asset to agencies in their ability to adapt to new tools and technologies, as well as in their nature to want things to be speedy and effective.

Gen Z expects more from everyone. They want their colleagues to be better, more brilliant, more interesting, and more creative. They demand people be kinder, fairer, and do more for others and the planet. Gen Z may not just want to work with companies and brands that do good, but be involved in that change themselves. Perhaps we’ll see new departments or agencies focused specifically on sustainable marketing.

Our outreach team at Tug does a great job of empowering gen Z members by recognizing their unique insight into real trends. Who gets it wrong? Anyone who delegates all the TikTok work to the youngest hires in the office.