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As e-commerce gets cool, brands need smart shoppable strategies

by Faye Daffarn | 15.02.2022

Shoppable ads (advertisements that combine product promotion and a chance to buy, often on social media) are a booming business, especially with TikTok’s spectacular ascension during the pandemic. As with any fad, some will get it right; some will get it wrong. Tug’s UK managing director Faye Daffarn lays out how to stay on the right side of that divide.

Tug’s Faye Daffarn on how to get shoppable media right in an evolved age for online marketplaces / Lisheng Chang via Unsplash


E-commerce is becoming increasingly cool. Shoppable media is a prime example. But as mockingly pointed out by pop icon Grace Jones and Barclaycard, being trendy isn’t a guarantee of success. That’s just as true for brands hoping to join the new wave of digital shopping as it is for payment service providers.

While there may be questions around whether their credentials are ‘hip’ enough, it’s clear brands have much to gain from joining the shoppable party. The e-commerce market is due to keep ballooning (by another $10.87tn in the next few years) and consumers are more open to buying on channels outside established shopping platforms, especially social media.