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Industry views mixed as Google extends third-party cookie deadline

by Nick Beck | 25.06.2021

Google has confirmed it’s extending the deadline for the death of the cookie until late 2023. We ask the industry what marketers & advertisers do next.

Google is extending the deadline for the death of the cookie until late 2023, a step that follows international regulatory and advertising industry pressure about the search giant’s alternative proposals and dominance across the digital advertising sector.

In a company post, Google parent company, Alphabet, said extending the deadline for phasing out third-party cookies is about providing more time to test and consult on a replacement advertising solution. These are being devised under the ‘Privacy Sandbox’ initiative.

Instead of phasing out cookies on Chrome in early 2022, Google said it now expects to keep support in place until late 2023. It has also stated publishers and advertisers will be given at least nine months to migrate once a replacement solution has been widely tested with Web communities.

Google acknowledged removing cookies puts into jeopardy the business models of many Web publishers supporting freely available content, as well as hindered finding an appropriate privacy-oriented alternative.