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Google delays Chrome’s blocking of tracking cookies to late 2023

by Nick Beck | 25.06.2021

Google has announced today that it is delaying its plans to phase out third-party cookies in the Chrome browser for campaign management, targeting, and measurement to mid-late 2023.

Google said the delay would give publishers, advertisers and regulators more time to adapt to the “new technologies it’s creating” to enable targeted ads after cookies are phased out, providing the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) signs-off on Google’s commitments and updated timeline.

“It’s become clear that more time is needed across the ecosystem to get this right,” Google said in its blog post. “This is important to avoid jeopardising the business models of many web publishers which support freely available content.

“By providing privacy-preserving technology, we as an industry can help ensure that cookies are not replaced with alternative forms of individual tracking, and discourage the rise of covert approaches like fingerprinting.”