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How to get the most from your media agency

by Asher Gordon | 26.05.2021

Gone are the days where a media agency was a separate entity that was given a brief, and then executed on that brief individually using its best interpretation. To get the best out of a media agency it should be an extension of your team, ensuring that it shares and is working towards your common goals.

If an agency is part of your team, surely to get the best out of it is to use the same processes you use to get the most out of your team members. Applying key processes from onboarding to continuous feedback will ensure your agency will be delivering a market-leading performance.


All team members should go through a thorough onboarding process. Your media agency should have a detailed understanding of your business, systems and processes, and know what your business and marketing objectives are.

Set objectives

Just like internal teams, your media agency should be given objectives and targets that are measurable and realistic. Both parties should be clear on what the common goals are and have an outline of the key roles and responsibilities. The agency will then know what it is working towards and the timelines it has available. Clear direction and guidance will make it easier for it to employ the necessary strategies and tactics to reach the goals that have been set.