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by Jodie King | 18.05.2021

Social media is a hugely valuable marketing tool for businesses to reach and convert consumers. With over a billion monthly users, Instagram is now one of the largest social networks in the world, with numbers beginning to rival its big sister, Facebook.

With brands evolving to meet its demands, there is no doubt that Instagram will continue to be a powerful force in marketing. However, with the rise of emerging platforms such as TikTok and Clubhouse –  It is crucial for marketers to keep up to date with new social channels and uphold a strong presence to reach new and younger audiences. 


Clubhouse is seeking to change social media as we know it. Instead of visually capturing audiences with perfected Instagram backdrops and photogenic food porn, Clubhouse is completely audio based. It is an invite-only platform therefore, an existing user must send you an invitation to join – once you’re in you can join ‘rooms’ that are hosted by users on particular topics and chime in if the host allows.

Clubhouse is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to inspire customers, espouse their views and share their expertise. Unlike other social media platforms, Clubhouse enables the user to turn off notifications, stop the endless clicking and focus on one person and topic at a time. The platform is a great tool that can be used to step away from the short-form personas people are used to on Tiktok and Instagram. It enables users to tell stories and interact with each other on their thoughts and share their personalities through what could be considered an interactive podcast. 

Although Clubhouse is a great platform to share experiences and discuss interesting topics, over the last few weeks its growth has slowed down. Facebook and Twitter are launching competitors such as Twitter ‘Spaces’. In line with the user response, Twitter has begun rolling out updates for Spaces including new displays of speakers and listeners in a room. The feedback for Spaces so far has been largely positive with users sharing that already, Twitter’s process is far more advanced than Clubhouse.  

People love to share their experiences and audio apps are definitely carving out huge potential for businesses to promote their organizations and increase brand awareness along the way. It is important to remember to focus on what the audience interests are – a good place to start is demonstrating why they should converse and listen to what the brand has to say. Audio interaction is certainly an excellent source of collaboration, insight and a place to access some of the brightest minds in the world!  


TikTok is impossible to ignore, according to a report from the Harris Poll Brand Platform, the rewards for businesses are potentially huge! Brands such as RedBull and Xbox have seen higher equity through use of the platform compared to the general public. Redbull saw a lift of 15.7% and Xbox saw a 13.5% lift. This means ads, in-app content and influencer engagement have resonated extremely well with TikTok users. 

The platform is dominated by user-generated content which can heavily influence purchase decisions therefore, brands who find reaching new audiences a challenge can create partnerships to overcome inexperience with the channel – this can be through collaboration with influencers or other brand partners. Users of TikTok are drawn to the app’s ability to serve their interests and creativity but brands need to do more than just create an account. The Harris poll reports that comedy is driving TikTok’s user base with Gen Z leading the way. However, Millennials are more likely to make a purchase based on something featured on the platform – it’s time to get creative!


Most tech-savvy gamers will know about Twitch! However, despite having millions of daily users there are some who are still unaware that the streaming service exists. The top generator of traffic is live video game action although, you can watch just about anything on the service  – cooking, Q&As, live music and much more. 

Each video game channel is gaining millions of followers making it highly valuable to brands and content creators. Marketing content that is seamless and authentic is a must – content curators make a great living from their Twitch streams, it’s not just a hobby. Brands can gain highly authentic partnerships due to the unfiltered, lengthy duration of the live streams. A streamer can include a brand on a tile on their channel page, behind the streamer on their webcam or brand placement on a video stream itself. Streamers can also mention your brand organically or discuss it during the stream depending on the topic.

Brands don’t have to rely solely on influencer partnerships, there are also options for traditional advertising as well – from brand placement, video and banner ads, brands can get in front of millions of viewers and reach new audiences that may have been unaware of your business before.  

The past decade has seen social media platforms develop from fun youth platforms to serious marketing channels. New networks are emerging and new tools are constantly being developed. Although the Facebook/Instagram behemoth is the largest, competitors such as TikTok are proving how brands can reap the benefits of creative user generated content that is more authentic and unfiltered. 

The next social frontier is the audio format which is proving to be an enticing way to reach new audiences due to its recent hype, novel nature and ability to exist as a ‘background’ medium (you can listen while you do other things). And as ever, businesses who stay abreast of the latest trends, will have the most opportunities to connect with their consumers.