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Tug listed among the Campaign Best Places to Work 2021

by Olivia Williams | 14.05.2021

We are proud to announce that Tug has been listed in the Campaign Best Places to Work 2021. Tug employees were asked to complete an anonymous survey compiled by Campaign, and the results ranked the digital performance marketing agency 40th of the top 90 marketing agencies and departments in the UK. This is a testament to our “Work Hard & Be Nice To People’ motto and everything that entails!

 Here’s what makes a great place to work, according to the results of the survey.

Mental health and wellbeing

The results of Campaign’s survey found that employees are increasingly valuing mental health and wellbeing at work, especially following the turbulent year we’ve all had. Since working from home became the norm, Tug has introduced weekly virtual relaxation and wellbeing sessions to help employees unwind and destress.

We have always supported our team members whenever they have encountered challenges, whether mental or physical. Recently we have had to face and provide additional support for team members suffering from mental health issues due to Covid-19 and lockdown.

There is no one-size-fits all solution when supporting those struggling with their mental health, so we respond and offer support on an individual basis, always with sensitivity and the utmost confidentiality.

Diversity and equality

Equality in the workplace was another factor that employees valued highly. This encompasses inclusivity and diversity, something which Tug is proud to champion. We hold bi-monthly Diversity Group meetings to ensure that Tug lives up to its name as an equal opportunity employer.

During these meetings the group discuss aspects of discrimination and unconscious bias, instances where people may feel excluded, benefits and salaries which could be exclusionary to certain groups, how to attract and retain diverse talent, and all aspects of diversity including gender, race, religion, neurodiversity and sexuality.


Companies that offered flexible working also ranked highly in the list. Tug has offered flexible working since 2019, but this has become even more important since the pandemic hit. We’ve given our staff more latitude to find the mix that works for them, to help them manage the challenges of home-schooling, to get in some exercise, or whatever they need to help them manage enforced working from home.

Community and socialising

Campaign’s survey found that companies that fostered a strong community were great places to work. We’ve always been a social bunch at Tug, and when we couldn’t have our Friday “beers and bangers” we moved it online, with mass Google Meets every Friday afternoon including BYOB and quiz rounds. We ran a virtual cocktail night in place of our Christmas party, and the 2021 Stay Away Day was an opportunity for all teams to share their successes from the past year and set goals for the future.

Tug’s CEO Nick Beck said: “Awesome to be on this list! Real testament to the culture built by our strong global management team, that even during a year in lockdown, our colleagues vote us as one of the best places to work in UK adland.”

Tug’s COO Barney Voss said: “We’ve always been extremely proud of the culture at Tug, and we’ve tried very hard to make it a place our team enjoy working and where talented people want to join. It’s not just our social atmosphere and our lovely offices, it’s about our team growing and achieving.

It’s achieved through the teams working together and their attitude and respect for each other. We aren’t just a company; we are a community. I’m extremely proud that we’re included the Best Places to Work list at such a difficult point in our lives.”