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by Neil Goddard | 16.04.2021

The pandemic has accelerated adoption of digital services and the move away from traditional banking. Studies reveal six in ten became more reliant on technology for money management during the first half of 2020 and less than 50% plan on returning to physical branches after COVID-19 subsides. Moreover, according to a 2020 CFO Barometer, 70% of Financial Directors are well aware of the importance of digitalisation to their function.

For fintech innovators, this presents huge growth potential. But there is a key challenge to tackle before it can be harnessed: winning consumer attention. 

Market entrants face tough competition on multiple levels. As demand for advanced tech has risen, fintech start-ups have multiplied, with European companies rising from 3,581 to 7,385 over the last two years alone. Additionally, established banks still retain significant dominance and many are also building an increasingly powerful online presence. 

Bringing new tools to the table isn’t enough; fintech players must boost their digital visibility and capture audiences by making the most of search engine optimisation (SEO). Focused on organically increasing site traffic quality and quantity, SEO offers a low-cost and sustainable way to fuel top of the funnel awareness, as well as conversions. But only if companies adopt a smart three-pillared approach.