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Tug’s Head of Social & Content, Emily Knox Gives Her Opinion On What Reddit Rebels Can Teach Fintechs About The Power Of Social Alliance

by Emily Knox | 29.03.2021

“For fintech players striving to stand out in an ever-more crowded space, the Gamestop stock battle offers a valuable lesson. As well as underscoring the huge power of social media, this tale of Reddit rebellion highlights the potential for fintechs to boost their online attention by gaining social clout and, in particular, by partnering with the rising crop of finance influencers.”

“Although not a new concept, the growing fusion of finance and social presents vast scope for amplified reach and impact, especially among younger audiences. But, to boost awareness for the right reasons, strategies and alliances must be formed with care. So, when it comes to the effective use of influencers, what can fintechs learn from Gamestop’s success?”