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What Is The Best Social Media Advice Someone Ever Gave You?

by Pawena Kaniah | 18.01.2021

Aren’t we all hounding for that exclusive Social Media growth hack tip? That eternal chase of engagement rates, increase in follower numbers, and viral potential of your content strategy?

Regardless of whether we’re simply beginning or we’re a well-seasoned veteran with multiple accounts and an extensive portfolio, there’s one biblical statement in the word of advertisement we can all swear by:

“Words can be more important than visuals.”

Shocking? It shouldn’t be. While visuals attract attention and retain interest, it’s words that convert. That’s the best advice that was given to me about social media. Here’s why.

1. Social Media influences decision making

Studies show that Social Media is now a pivotal part of the decision-making process of 70% of millennials, who buy a product based on recommendations made by their peers. But the real power might just lie in the words chosen to feature on the visuals and the ad copy within those social posts!

Social Media copy is just as important as website copy. We all go on social media to be entertained, to connect with others, and to learn new things. But don’t lose sight of the end goal when writing social copy – you’ll still need a call to action!

2. The link between SEO and Social Media

Links shared on Social Media increase brand exposure and give your blogs and articles a longer lifespan of content, increasing online visibility and organic traffic. Although social media does not directly increase page ranking, social signals are de facto generated, indicating that your posts are useful to the market you are targeting.

These vital signals are picked up by Google and other search engines to rank your website. This is important to recognise, especially when there are almost five million blog posts published daily reducing the odds of your site ranking high on search engine results. This makes copy for social even more important, as it could drive more traffic to your site.

3. Copy provides context

It’s far better to give viewers a clear idea of the meaning behind imagery and video on social media – and this is where the copy is important. Clear social copy prevents people from misinterpreting the meaning of images or videos. With as much as 85% of video views on Social Media happening with the sound off, the importance of ad copy and video captions cannot be overstated.

If it isn’t possible tocaptions to every video you post, the least you can swear by is editing in words to depict the synopsis of what is being said in the video so your audience.

Yes, a badass image works! You will get thousands of likes, but if you want to grow your brand, you need to add “genuine and authentic” value on top of the visuals, and that happens with the copy. From a digital perspective, content can never go out of fashion. We are all human, we thrive on the spirit of story-telling. And with the right approach of tone, pitch, and style aligned with brand voice, context can always chime in.