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Staying positive through a crisis. Making a difference on Social Media.

by Emily Knox | 20.03.2020

The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Happening

People are panicking and stockpiling – but in many cases, they are coming together more than ever before and creating positive news stories with acts of care and generosity.

This is a dark and uncertain time for companies as well as individuals – but there are countless instances of people and collectives using their resources to help communities, pivoting their offerings to assist both staff and customers and just plain trying to stay positive and be a light in the dark for other.

Here are some positive stories which have arisen since the COVID-19 crisis.

What is it? Social platform enlisting high profile influencers to create content for people at home

Critical Need Served: Entertainment, motivation, education – at a time when we most need it

Why It Works: Young people are already using TikTok – this harnesses the platform to send a positive message

What is it? The Body Coach – a fitness influencer – is running free YouTube PE classes now schools close

Critical Need Served: Keeping kids healthy during school lockdown – and giving parents a break from homeschooling

Why It Works: Joe is using his skillset and fame altruistically – and parents are grateful. He’s been trending in the UK for 2 days since launch

What is it? The Scottish brewery has taken up production of hand sanitiser using beer-making facilities

Critical Need Served: Hand sanitiser is in huge demand as panic buying has depleted supplies – Brewdog is helping get supplies to who needs it

Why It Works: Brewdog is not selling the product but rather giving it away to those who need it most  – charity, using the resources they have

What is it? The World Health Organisation has launched a chatbot to educate people about COVID-19

Critical Need Served: Fake news is rife at times of crisis and people need the right info to make the right choices

Why It Works: WhatsApp has 1.5B active users in 180 countries – huge reach for an info campaign

What is it? CBRE are actively seeking vacant properties which could house NHS workers

Critical Need Served: Many frontline health workers cannot risk families by living at home while exposed

Why It Works: Using access to property owners and developers to offer a service which could save lives

What is it? Arnie asks people to stay safe, stay home

Critical Need Served: Voice of positivity and calm in face of panic, ignoring advice

Why It Works: Well known celebrity and cute animals – a recipe for success

What is it? #OneSmileEachDay hashtag to share positive news

Critical Need Served: Good news in the face of deluge of negativity

Why It Works: Lifting spirits with positive stories from nature

What is it? Aquarium shares penguins exploring

Critical Need Served: Light-hearted entertainment during crisis

Why It Works: Silver lining of mass closures

What is it?A hospital sent Tom Hanks a Wilson as company

Critical Need Served: A smile during a dark time

Why It Works: Humour in face of adversity, positive diagnosis

Sorry – this one was FAKE NEWS (which is rife during times of crisis)

What is it? Good news Instagram Stories

Critical Need Served: Reminder there is still good news out there

Why It Works: Simple, quick, accessible

What is it? Twitter poll asking about cats enjoying new work habits

Critical Need Served: Twitter poll asking about cats enjoying new work habits

Why It Works: Light-hearted without being insensitive

What is it? Online video choir launched

Critical Need Served: Tackling loneliness and boredom

Why It Works: Accessible for most with a laptop or phone

What is it? Gentle joke about stockpiling loo roll

Critical Need Served: Humour in dark times, poking fun at current madness

Why It Works: Gentle humour – not punching down or victimising any party

What is it? Bringing museum pieces to the public via Twitter

Critical Need Served: Relieving boredom, giving access to venues which are closed

Why It Works: Generosity of experts sharing their knowledge, easy to consume

What is it? Cocktail recipe videos from founder of Soho House

Critical Need Served: Access to a much loved signature cocktail while in lock down

Why It Works: Ability to continue enjoying life despite quarantine

What is it? Online baking tutorials featuring favourite products

Critical Need Served: Put free time to use by learning a new skill

Why It Works: Accessible and educational for quarantined people

What is it? Pret helping in real terms by offering products for key workers, vulnerable

Critical Need Served: Food for those who urgently need comfort, support and care

Why It Works: Direct help for vulnerable people and front line workers

What is it? Bars pivoting their offerings to tailor to self-isolating customers

Critical Need Served: Ability to enjoy normal life from home – and access to scarce loo roll

Why It Works: Ability to support local business is a priority for many at the moment

What is it? While racing suspended Ascot has switched social media to positive news

Critical Need Served: Uplifting messages at a difficult time

Why It Works: Positivity in the news feed is welcome at times of crisis

What is it? Cult Christmas movies being made accessible out of season

Critical Need Served: Escapist movies bring joy to many in difficult times

Why It Works: Recognition this is extraordinary time for dedicated fan-base

What is it? Pub quizzes move to live video streaming

Critical Need Served: Entertainment and normality during self-isolation

Why It Works: Continued employment for quizmasters and entertainment for quizzers

What is it? Live-streaming educational content for kids on Facebook

Critical Need Served: Access to the zoo and educational materials – plus a break for parents

Why It Works: Accessible, fun,  educational, gives access to a closed facility