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The best Google Chrome extensions to help you smash your New Year’s Resolution

by Olivia Williams | 31.01.2020

It’s January. Time for a new start, this is your year, a new decade, new year new me, and all the rest of it. But now we’re two weeks deep into this shiny new decade and New Year’s Resolutions are dropping like flies.

Are you still catching up on unanswered emails from last year? Is your to-do list growing ever longer? Have you awoken in the night drenched in cold sweat, your blithe New Year’s Resolution to be “be more organised” or “stay on top of things” at work ringing in your ears?  Fear not dear reader for I am here to help. And (more importantly) so is the internet.

Whether your resolution was to stop procrastinating or finally keep on top of your emails, we live in a world where it’s possible to unload some of our responsibilities onto technology. There’s a Google Chrome plugin for just about everything these days!

So here are some of the Tug team’s favourite Chrome plugins to help them knuckle down and get the job done. You got this!

The plugins to make you into a better version of yourself

Pomodoro assistant to help me focus on the task at hand. It divides the day up into bitesize chunks of focused work with short breaks in between.

Olivia Lazenby – Content Writer and Editor

Google Keep is a nice simple way to organise tasks and notes.

Asher Gordon – Head of Paid Media

I love Grammarly! It’s saved me from making silly spelling and grammar mistakes so many times!

Ayisha Yousef – Paid Media Account Director

Ecosia – It’s a search engine add-on that plants trees as you use it. With half of Australia on fire, I reckon the trees need all the help they can get.

Willem Tremlett – New Business Executive

The techy plugins

Scraper is useful for pulling information from web pages – e.g. you can use it to pull the URLs from Google search results

Structured data testing tool is good for testing structured data implementations quickly.

Ross Momtahan – SEO Director

The Great Suspender reduces the resource usage of chrome windows you are not using and so reduces the chances of crashing.

Tag Assistant is an essential plugin for debugging and checking tags if you are involved in that kind of thing.

Eoin O’Neill – Head of Tech

The “I didn’t know I needed that” plugins

Joypixels is great for emojis, especially if you’re writing social media content, ads or blogs. It’s handy to have it on the search bar.

Plamen – Paid Media account manager

I don’t care about cookies because there’s nothing more frustrating than constant consent pop-ups when you’re researching a new topic. Have my information, I don’t care!

Olivia Lazenby – Content Writer and Editor

Dark Reader, for making browsing easier on the eyes. It’s basically dark mode for Chrome.

Ghostery, for adblocking and for seeing what cookies/tags/trackers are on site.

Nick Girling – Biddable Account Manager