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Instagram Sponsored Stories Polls – the votes are in

by Kathryn Green | 24.04.2019

Ad content is becoming more and more interactive on social media channels. First there were playable ads on Facebook, and now Instagram Stories can feature polls within sponsored posts. This has been introduced with the aim of increasing brand engagement within the huge 500m+ Instagram community.

Instagram have included this new feature because their interactive content in organic stories works so well, with 60% of businesses using poll stickers, hashtags and mentions currently.

Helping brands to create more engaging content

Sponsored Stories polls will help companies create more engaging content. By giving current followers and new audiences a chance to react to their content, brands can build better connections and gain a better understanding of the kinds of content their audiences want. These interactive elements allow direct participation in the shared expression, enabling brands to understand their audience’s needs and opinions.

Not only do they encourage ad interaction, but it has been proven by Instagram in 9 out of 10 beta tests that three-second video views increased when using the polling sticker. 1 beta example was Dunkin’ who asked users ‘What’s your favourite American classic?’ questioning ‘Donuts’ or ‘Fries’. This simple technique helped to achieve a 20% lower cost-per video-view with users watching willingly for longer.

Using the new sponsored stories polls feature on Instagram is simple. When creating an Instagram Stories campaign upload your creative, edit your ad’s text and you will be given the option to Add an interactive poll. It’s as easy as that!

So, spark a conversation with your community, find out insights first hand or even co-create a product – get your target audience engaged.