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Influencer Marketing at Tug Life IV

by Olivia Williams | 08.06.2018
Influencer marketing is arguably the hottest trend in digital marketing at the moment. Social channels like Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube have made way for a new breed of marketing. One which is authentic, personal and effective. Brands from H&M, BooHoo and ASOS to Beats By Dre have tapped into influencer marketing to boost their brand following and revenue. Even the hallowed Cannes Lions – the marketing world’s equivalent of the Oscars – has added an influencer category to its awards this year.

The opportunities for influencer marketing are huge. A recent study found that influencer marketing can deliver up to 11 times higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing. Not only that, but 94% of marketers who have used influencers to promote their products believe the tactic to be effective. On Friday’s Tug Life event we’re running a session on Influencer Marketing, to give insight on how influencers operate, and how you can leverage their power to boost your business.


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Influencer Challenges and Opportunities

As with any marketing channel, influencer marketing is not without its challenges. Finding the right influencers that fit your brand can be difficult, and it can feel daunting trusting them to produce content in line with your brief. But with the challenges come huge opportunities, to create authentic, valuable content and reach wider audiences.

Our very own head of Social and Content, Emily Knox, will be speaking about Influencer Challenges and Opportunities at Friday’s Tug Life event. She’ll be sharing some of her experiences using influencers on digital campaigns for Estrella and Tech21.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Ben Jeffries launched Influencer, a web platform connecting brands social media content creators, in 2015. Today the platform is one of the UK’s largest influencer marketing companies. At 22 years old, Jeffries is considered one of the UK’s leading figures in Influencer Marketing.

He says, “being influenced to buy something is different to being told to buy something. That’s the beauty of social media marketing – the followers actually want to see the products because they trust that they’re relevant to their interests.” Hear Jeffries speak about the rise of influencer marketing at his session on Friday.

Using the Influence of Social Communities

While influencers can be individuals who have built a personal brand, they could also be a Facebook page sharing delicious recipes for example, or an Instagram account dedicated to travel inspiration and wanderlust. These pages are essentially social influencers in their own right, and have a lot of power on social channels.

Social communities offer the chance to credibly engage people through social, as well as integrate with individual influencers to engage audiences in a number of creative ways. Media Chain owns over 400 of these social media brands. Their Sales Director, Ryan D’Cruz, will be speaking at Friday’s Tug Life event on how to leverage the influence of these social communities to promote your brand or business.

Debunking Influencer Marketing Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about influencer marketing which can make brands wary of committing. Ruxandra-Maria Gheordunescu, head of paid media at Bookmark and one of our speakers at the Tug Life Influencer Marketing session, is aiming to set the record straight and put people’s minds at ease.

Her talk, Debunking Influencer Marketing Myths, will cover the main concerns that brands have when considering influencer marketing, namely that it’s too expensive, too risky, and that it’s difficult to quantify the bottom line impact. If you’ve ever had misgivings about influencer marketing, don’t miss Ruxandra’s talk!


Get your FREE tickets for our Influencer Marketing event