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Digital PR Trends & Outreach in 2017

by Jorja Winfield | 13.01.2017
With a new year comes new predictions about the trends that will change the way we work in digital. If you’re looking to revamp or refine your outreach strategy in the new year, looking at the trends and techniques that are set to be popular for PR campaigns is a good place to start.

Here are a few predictions from the digital PR world that could help to evolve your outreach strategies in 2017:

Story Telling Content

In 2017, the emphasis when it comes to creating content will be that it tells a story to your audience. If your audience connects with the story you’re telling, it’s more likely to resonate and generate a sharable enjoyable piece of content. Focus on offering valuable and unique information for your audience, using homegrown data when possible.

Video & Image Marketing

With the rise in popularity of live video, the use of visual content in marketing is predicted to be bigger than ever this year, according to this article by Prowly Magazine. Creating more pieces of content using video or imagery is definitely something to consider – when thinking about outreach techniques, will a video or image grab someone’s attention more than just your standard email?

Cross-Channel Marketing

2017 is also set to the be the year of using cross-channel marketing to promote content. Implementing a consistent strategy across several different channels could be a way of extending the reach of your future outreach campaigns. Instead of just contacting your potential journalist/influencers/publishing via email to share your ideas, why not consider promoting your content on social media channels as well.

Pitching & Press Releases

This year, the traditional press release should be delivered even more ‘ready to go’ than ever before. Journalists receive hundreds of emails a day containing pitches and press releases so you need to make yours stand out. Making sure your pitches include read-to-publish facts and figures, as well as reasons why they should run your story (metrics like shares, traffic, views etc) to catch their attention. Be sure that your pitch includes topics that encourage further discussion.

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