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Why Social Media Optimisation matters

by Jenny Illmann | 26.05.2016

Optimising your social media profile for SEO is an often underused tactic to drive more traffic to your social media profiles and help them appear in SERPs. However, you can implement some very quick and easy changes that will make your social media profile stand out from your competitors.

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Here is a list of things you can do to help your social media profiles come out top in the SERPs:

  1. Optimise descriptions such as your Twitter bio for SEO: Use keywords and hashtags. Make sure you stick to under 150 characters so that your description is visible in SERPs. Your description is effectively a Meta description and will be regarded by search engines as such.
  2. Interlink all of your social media profiles with one another and make sure they are referenced correctly: If your Facebook profile is mentioned on your Instagram account for example and vice versa, it will help search engines establish relevance between your properties.
  3. Google+ is a platform that is no longer used as much as a few years ago, however, sharing your content will still have a beneficial effect on your rankings in Google.
  4. YouTube acts just like a search engine: make sure your descriptions are long and informative and your video is in the right category so users can find it more easily.
  5. Referencing your key landing pages on your Google+ page will do wonders for their ranking.
  6. Instagram is a great place for keyword optimisation. Use your keywords as hashtags but do not overdo this as it will look spammy.
  7. The Notes-Section in Facebook is a great section to share content. Many brands neglect this section but adding new content will mean that your profile is crawled by Google more often.
  8. Contact details such as address details and telephone numbers also help search engines to establish relevance and authority of your brand

Social Media Optimisation is a way for your SEO and Social teams to work together. Carrying out regular audits of your social profiles is important in order to make sure that they are relevant in terms of keywords for SEO.