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Google SERP Ads Go Green

by Hayley Shannon | 09.05.2016
Google SERP ads go green!

As of April 14th, Google has begun testing their new ‘green ad’ format to 5% of Global traffic, far exceeding their typical 1% test market.

This new SERP test is likely Google’s attempt at subtlety as users have become increasingly aware of the striking yellow ads that dominate the top of the page. Now that we are all too familiar with paid vs. organic listings, Google is rolling out tests to determine how to increase CTRs on paid ads in order to grow its $67 billion yearly advertising revenue.

There hasn’t been much coverage of Google’s latest move, so whether green is here to stay is still unknown. And like most of the search engine’s tests, this was implemented to improve their bottom line: $$.

But what does this mean to the advertiser?  Will it in fact increase CTRs? Will it affect bounce rates, avg. CPC, or other crucial metrics? Only time will tell.

Until then, keep an eye open for these new ads. Keep a frequency log. And perhaps green will become the new yellow.
Additional information at Searchengineland.

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