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TubeMogul leaps into Facebook’s walled garden

by Rob Georgeson | 13.04.2016
TubeMogul, the video-focused demand side platform, have announced a new partnership with Facebook & Instagram. Following this announcement, advertisers can now purchase the social media inventory via the TubeMogul platform, this includes video within Facebook News Feed on both desktop and mobile.

This is not just significant because TubeMogul have secured this valuable inventory ahead of the rest of it’s peers in the video demand side platform space, but also because of events earlier in 2016… At the turn of the year, Google put restrictions on its YouTube inventory so that it’s only available via TrueView in its own Doubleclick platform, ending its availability within the TubeMogul platform. So this new partnership with Facebook is effectively waving a middle finger in the direction of Google – ad Tech drama at its finest.

You might reasonably ask: “What’s the big deal? You can already buy this media from their own platform?”. Advertisers can now consolidate their total video media budget into TubeMogul. The benefits of which include; using the same audience targeting capabilities currently available when booking Facebook’s native ad units, retargeting users across all inventory and then using unified reporting metrics across multiple media platforms when evaluating the success of a campaign.