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Content syndication- Should we do it?

by Melissa Wong | 30.09.2015
Content syndication when done correctly, can be an effective way to help your reputation and visibility online.

As digital marketing continues to grow and move into a space traditionally owned by publishers, they are likely to seek out best practices, tips and previous examples of what works and what hasn’t. One method increase your audience and traffic is to your syndicate content. By sharing interesting content that is relevant and valuable to your readers, you can reach new audiences, regardless of the platform, while generating continuous traffic to your site.

Content syndication is not to be confused with a guest post. Unlike guest posting, syndication is when you take content that is already published on your site, and give it to external parties to republish, a good example would be an infographic.  Whereas a guest post, is the creation of unique content that only sits on external party site.

When to Syndicate

Syndicating every piece of content from your site, probably isn’t the best plan of action as it will create a situation where there is nothing unique left for users to find when they visit. This means you need to decide on the right time to place it. The general rule is that the content must be of interest to the site’s audience – so make sure that you carefully select topical content that is relevant. You don’t want to tarnish your reputation, nor do you want to waste the opportunity to host content on a high authority site.

What to syndicate

When it comes to content syndication, there needs to be a balance. As mentioned above, you want to syndicate some of your best pieces to build a good reputation with a larger audience — however, you need to ensure that there is a lot of unique and quality content on your site which will give readers an incentive to keep visiting your site.

How to Syndicate your Blog for more Traffic

Choose good quality sites to syndicate your blog posts on. A good signal of a quality site is one that manually reviews each post sent to them and does not rely on automated RSS feeds. Ensure that your content is a good fit for the site and will consistently fit into one or more of the categories.

As a standard practice, try and use appropriate internal links in your blog content so that when a syndicated post goes viral, those links provide incentive for readers to click through back to your website. This is an essential step in gaining more traffic!

Some Syndication Networks

Reddit: Promote your content on the right sub reddit. Reddit are open to infographics, videos and written content.

Huffington Post: One of the largest content platforms! – Great platforms to upload and share your visual data

In the words of Eric Enge “The reason why you want to go through this trouble is you get authority from the authority site passed to you, both at a human level and at an SEO level, and you can gain audience from the audience of that authority site.”